Patient Centered Medical Home Transformation

After you have received PCMH recognition, there are strategies and tools your practice can use to sustain the work accomplished and continue to improve. 

Practice Transformation
The following transformation tools identify specific and actionable steps that lead to improvement within your health center.
Pathway to Practice Transformation

Building Relationships
Continuous and Team-Based Healing Relationships

Reducing Barriers to Care
Enhanced Access
Care Coordination                                                                              

Oral Health Integration in the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Environment (September 2012)

Providing Better Care - 2014 | PDF | AARP

Meaningful Use Core and Menu Set Measures Quick Links - 2012 | PDF | Source: CMS, Modified by Primary Care Development Corporation. User friendly menu of links to view or download measures. This resource will save time by providing easy access.

Change Concepts for Practice Transformation and 2014 NCQA PCMH Recognition Standards: A Crosswalk

Organized Evidence-Based Care Behavioral Health Integration (Fall 2014)

PCMH Sustainability Toolkit - 2014 | Excel | Source: Primary Care Development Corporation. This tool contains nine sheets of data entry that encompass three sections: process, performance, and outcomes.

Care Coordination Manual - 2014 | Source: Primary Care Development Corporation

Assessing the Ability of Federally Qualified Health Centers to Serve as Patient-Centered Medical Homes | Source: The Commonwealth Fund

NVPCA has not vetted or endorsed the documents listed above; they are open source documents.

Tools for Building a Patient Centered Medical Home

Building your Medical Home Toolkit. National Center for Medical home implementation, American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)

Implementation Guide. Qualis Health

Medical Home Builder. American College of Physicians

Meaningful Use Requirements. NCQA

PCMH/Meaningful Use (MU) Gap Analysis and PCMH/MU ROI Tools. PCDC and Community Health Care Association of New York State (CHCANYS)

Transformation Series Workbooks. TransforMED

National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) PCMH Resources

Health Team Works

Coleman Associates Patient Redesign