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NVPCA’s Teen Pregnancy Prevention (TPP) Program works to promote safe, supportive sexual and reproductive health education to reduce unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections among adolescents 12-19 years of age through evidence-based education programs and community outreach.

NVPCA works with Federally Qualified  Community Health Centers around the State of Nevada to provide capacity building assistance focused on the implementation of evidence-based curriculums targeted towards youth and families through clinic services and community partnerships. The programs will target adolescents who reside in Clark, Washoe, Lander, Nye, Carson City, and Eureka counties over a five year period Nevada Adolescent Reproductive Health Facts 



  • Engage 500 teens, ages 12-19, each year of the five-year TPP program in health center locations serving Clark, Washoe, Elko Lander, Nye, Carson City, and Eureka
  • Reduce teen birth rates in TPP involved community health center clinic site service areas
  • Increase access to comprehensive sexual education to at-risk youth
  • Increase access to reproductive health services in youth-friendly clinic environments

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The National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program and Reproductive Health Facts and Reports

NVPCA’s TPP program is funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Adolescent Health (OAH) through a five year cooperative agreement. Through the TPP program, OAH invests in the implementation of evidence-based TPP programs, and provides funding to develop and evaluate new and innovative approaches to prevent teen pregnancy. Evidence-based TPP programs are those that have been proven, through rigorous evaluation, to reduce teen pregnancy and/or sexual risk behaviors associated with teen pregnancy

OAH TPP Program Overview                National Teen Birth Rates: CDC Statistical Reports
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